General Information: 

Battery Operated Trolley Mounted Sprayer consists of a Tank, DC, pump, Motor, Battery, etc. mounted on Trolley. Once Switched ON, the operator can use this machine with one hand.

Type: Rechargeable Powered Battery Sprayer Pump


  • Battery Operated Trolley Mounted Sprayer is a multipurpose sprayer for both small- and large-scale spraying field crops in Orchards. Apple, Coconut, and tall trees.
  • Used for spraying insecticides and pesticides.
  • Unique Sprayer for agricultural field crops like Paddy, Wheat, and Vegetables.


Mostly used in Crop Fields.

Adarsh Rechargeable Battery Sprayer Pump 30Litre HDPE Tank Mounted on Wheeled Trolley Technical information



  • MS Material
  • Blow-moulded HDPE Tank
  • Electric Motor
  • PVC (Pipe)


Cautions and Features

  • Adarsh Agriculture Powered Battery Sprayer Pump 30 litres HDPE Trolley Mounted Sprayer has high quality tank, battery, DC motorised pump mounted on a specially designed metal trolley for easy and cost saving pesticide spraying in farms.
  • The powered sprayer pump comes with FREE of cost rechargeable battery with charging instrument.
  • Standard rechargeable battery for sprayer pump is used in our agriculture pump sprayer. The specified Volt battery for electric sprayer pump is readily available in the open market.
  • Tank: HDPE (High-Density Polyurethane).
  • Tank capacity: 30 litres