General Information: 

A seed is a basic input in agriculture production. Presently, 70% requirement of seed is met from the farmer’s own stocks which go for sowing without seed treatment. Even if seed is sourced from the private sector agencies, except hybrid seeds, a large percentage of such seed is untreated.

Seed treatment not only protects the seeds from seed and soil-borne diseases but also gives protection to the emerged seedlings from sucking insect pests affecting crop emergence and its early growth.

To get uniform & effective seed treatment, the use of a Seed Dressing Drum is becoming necessary. The equipment is easy to handle, light in weight, no technical guidance/ knowledge is required to handle this equipment hence farmer friendly.

A refined version of this Manually Operated Seed Dressing Drum was developed to overcome the flaws of the previous version, the new version is Motorized Seed Dressing Drum.

Type: Motorized Seed Dressing Drum.


  • Motorized Seed Dressing Drum is used to get uniform & effective seed treatment.
  • Also, chemical reaction of fertilizer which occurs by hand mixing/treatment can trigger health hazard which can be prevented.


Mostly used in Crop Field, Farms, Seed treating industry.

Technical information


Diameter: L x W x H (in mm):


  • MS Material
  • Galvanized Sheet


Cautions & Features:

  • Model: ASDM-20 G.
  • 410 mm height * 430 mm diameter.
  • 20 kg. Capacity drum made from Special quality G.I. sheet.
  • Increase Crop Yield.
  • Enhanced uniformity in distribution of chemicals.
  • Increased productivity.
  • I. Baffles.
  • Recommended: 5 minutes rotation @ 45-75 RPM is suitable for better seed dressing.
  • Easy to operate and handle.
  • Consume less time.
  • Increased germination.
  • Ensures uniform seedling emergence and total production.
  • Protect seeds for seedling from early-season diseases and insects’ pests improving crop emergence and its growth.
  • Improved plant population and thus higher productivity.