Transformer Tanks

Transformer Tanks

General Information

Transformer tank also named transformer tank body. It is used to hold, protect, cool the winding and core in one Electrical distributor transformer. The tank body provides isolation of oil and the core from the outside environment.


  • Plain Steel Sheet Tank.
  • Tube Tank.
  • Tank with separate coolers.
  • Corrugated wall type transformer tanks.
  • Transformer Oil Tanks without cooler.
  • Radiatorpanel type tanks.
  • Tubular cooling type tanks.


When the transformer is loaded, and the ambient temperature rises, the volume of oil inside the transformer increases. A tank of transformer provides adequate space to this expanded transformer oil. It also acts as a reservoir for transformer insulating oil.


Transformer Manufacturing Industry,

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Technical information:


Sizes vary as per requirement.


As per the batch process, capacity in gallons requirement/drawing.


  • Steel.
  • Alloy Steel.
  • Specialty Steel.
  • MS Material.
  • SS Material.
  • Foam Insulation.
  • Glass Wool.
  • Fiberglass.

Pressure rating:



Cautions & Features:

  • High in performance.
  • Sturdy.
  • High-tensile steel.
  • Made with the latest design and engineering technology.
  • Easily installed.
  • Customized for sizes and specifications.
  • Timely delivered.
  • Reliability