Full Range of Agriculture Equipment and Tools

Agriculture equipment and tools include duster, spreader, broadcaster and seed dressing drums.

Fertilizer Broadcaster or seeds spreader is used to spread and broadcast seeds and fertilizers in farms and garden. Helps with application of lawn and grass seeds, urea and most other seeds and fertilizers.

Agriculture Duster is used to spread powder forms of pesticides and insecticides in farms, gardens and public places. It helps with maintaining public hygiene.

Seed dressing drums are used to coat and dress seeds with desired fertilizer and pesticide mixes. Uniform seed dressing helps with maximum seed germination.

Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd thrives to provide versatile range of agriculture equipment and tools. We use high quality material to achieve efficient application of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

Benefits and Types of Agriculture Equipment and Tools

Farming techniques have advanced with modern technology. Modern agriculture equipment and tools help saving a lot of money and time on application of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Traditionally, farmers carried urea or seeds in buckets and throw it in fields with their hands. This method causes lot of waste of fertilizers and seeds. Modern agriculture equipment like a seed and fertilizer spreader saves upto 25% to 30% fertilizer and seed application usage. A pesticide powder duster 35% to 40% on pesticide usage as powdered pesticides or insecticides are applied most efficiently. Seed dressing drums enable fast and proper treatment of seeds with desired pesticides.

Adarsh agriculture equipment and tools are manually operated using hand operated handles. Our engineering team has built the best designs for farmers to use our agriculture equipment with ease and save on money and time.

Urea application and use is very common in India and world over. Urea comes mostly in granulated form and is mostly spread using hands. This is very inefficient and wastes lot of expensive urea. Thus, using a broadcaster for spreading and applying urea in farms is very easy and efficient.

Similarly, seeds of crops like wheat are also applied traditionally using hand wasting lot of seeds. Seeds do not fall uniformly if thrown using hands. A seed spreader agriculture equipment uniformly spreads seeds across a farm.

A hand rotary duster is a very modern agriculture equipment which is very useful to apply powder forms of pesticides and insecticides. This pesticide powder sprayer and dust applicator agriculture equipment can be used in public places, roadsides, home exteriors and wherever we need protection from insects and pests.