General Information & Usage:

  • Adarsh Fertilizer Spreader and Seed Spreader – All-in-1 Broadcaster खाद डालेने वाली मशीन या खाद/बीज छिड़कने वाली मशीन  for Fertilizer Seeds Lawn Grass Seeds Lime Urea Application in Farm and Garden
  • 25% to 30% savings on fertilizer and seed application usage. Save money with uniform seed and fertilizer spreading.
  • Best manual fertilizer spreader can be used as a dry fertilizer spreader and Urea spreader in garden or agriculture.
  • Quick and Easy use of Hand grass seeder help cover large areas in a short time. Our grass spreader or lawn spreader has broadcast spreader settings for grass seeds to allow application of lawn seeds uniformly, saving time and money.
  • Suitable lime spreader with agitators to break up lumps of powder for Spreading Lime powder. The rotary fertilizer spreader has a Sealed gearbox with oilless bearings, with no need for lubrication.
  • Hand  broadcast Spreader has Comfortable Carrying straps and a 7.5 liter hopper that makes it easy to carry around portable hand-held backpack fertilizer and seed spreader.



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  • Specifications: Adarsh Fertilizer Spreader – खाद छिड़क मशीन
    • Model: AFB-413.
    • Weight: 5.5 kg.
    • Material – Galvanised Steel, HDPE or Aluminium for Feeder/Hopper, Cotton for Belt



  • खाद छिड़क मशीन का मतलब है खाद डालेने वाली मशीन या खाद छिड़कने वाली मशीन. इस मशीन से आप जो दानेदार खाद होती है या दानेदार कोई भी चीज है, उसको आप बहुत ही आसानी तरीके से छिड़क सकते हैं. यह खाद छिड़क मशीन हाथ से चलाने वाली मशीन है.

अभी तक हम सभी किसान भाई परंपरागत प्रकार से खाद डालते रहे हैं. लेकिन, खाद डालने के लिए यह मशीन काफी अच्छी है, चलाने में बहुत ही आसान है, खाद छिड़क रेंज काफी अच्छी है.

  • Adarsh खाद छिड़क मशीन के काम करने का जो तरीका है, उसके बारे में बता रहे हैं. जो आपका पेट होता है, वहां पर इस मशीन को रखा जाता है. हाथ से हैंडल को चलाया जाता है. जो पटा रखा हुआ है, यह पटा लगा लिया जाता है.

यहां पर हैंडल है जिसे चलाने से खाद छिड़कते या डालते है. ऊपरी भाग से यहां पर खाद डाली जाती है.

अब आप इसके नीचे वाला भाग देख पा रहे हैं. यहां से आप कंट्रोल कर सकते हैं कि आप को कितनी मात्रा में खाद गिराना है.

यह जो नीचे पंखी लगी हुई है, इस पंखी पर ही खाद गिरेगि. जब आप हैंडल चलाएंगे, यहां से पूरे खेत में जाती है.


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  • आप खेत में 4 फीट, 6 फीट, 8 फीट या 10 फीट तक खाद छिड़क सकते है. जिस तरह से आप स्पीड रखेंगे, खाद छिड़क मशीन उसी स्पीड से खाद डालेगी.
  • Adarsh Seed and Fertilizer Spreader is a farm machine commonly used for spreading seed, lime, fertilizer, urea, sand, grass seeds, lawn seeds and other dry fertilizers and seeds. Our manually Operated Seed and Fertilizer spreader is built for easy use in farm or garden. Lawn seeds and grass seeds can be easily spread using our grass Spreader.
  • Farm Fertilizer Spreader is more useful for speedy and uniform spreading of various dry fertilizers like urea as well as various seeds very effectively and efficiently. This fertilizer application machine is an alternative to drop spreaders/seeders. Suitable for spreading granular or crystalline fertilizer.
  • Compared to traditional method of throwing fertilizer by hand, there can be 25% to 30 % saving of precious and costly fertilizer by using this fertilizer broadcaster as it reduces wastage, overlap and overuse.
  • Uniform application of fertilizers helps achieve around 20% higher crop output. Hand broadcasting of fertilizer /seed is an old, time and labor consuming method.
  • This tool can be also used as Seed spreader for spreading various seeds like cumin seeds, sesame, coriander, millet, etc. with savings of 25%-30% of seeds.
  • Best fertilizer spreader, best seed spreader or best lawn spreader has High quality fertilizer and seed spreading disc system.  This ensures uniform spreading of fertilizer and seeds over long distance. Precise, systematic and uniform spreading of fertilizer increases soil fertility.


  •  Instructions:
    1. Put on strap across from left shoulder to right. in such a way that the machine should be just on belly.
    2. Operate the handle of the machine with right hand it by the left hand.
    3. Operate the machine idle to check free movement of the spreading disc.
    4. Close the feed control mechanism before filling with fertilizer or seed etc.
    5. First drive the machine at about 35-40 R.P.M. and then open the supply/put the lever 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full marked on the hopper as per requirement.
    6. Shut the supply before stopping to avoid the free dropping of the material .
    7. Operate the machine at 35-40 R.P.M of handle within 3-4 k.m.h. walking speed of the operator.


  • Calibrating Fertilizer Spreader :
    • Forward walking speed : 3-4 km per hour
    • Handle Speed: 35-40 rpm
    • Width of spread: 6 meter (20 ft) approximately.
    • Output of Fertilizer Broadcaster is 4-6 acres per hour.