General Information: 

Adarsh Knapsack sprayer for agriculture consists of a pump and plastic pressure chamber permanently installed in a plastic tank. The handle of the hand pump sprayer extending over the shoulder or under the operator’s arm makes it possible to pump with one hand and spray with the other. A uniform pressure of pesticides spraying can be maintained by keeping the agriculture knapsack spray pump in continuous operation.

Type: Knapsack Hand Pump Sprayer 16 litres


  • Hand pump knapsack sprayer is used for spraying insecticides and pesticides on small tress’ and row crops up to 2.5 m height.
  • Adarsh agriculture knapsack sprayer is most versatile sprayer for all field crops.
  • Spray pesticides and fertilizers in large farms in short time with uniform and fast coverage using this manual pump sprayer for agriculture.

Adarsh Knapsack Hand Pump Sprayer 16 litres Plastic Tank and Pressure Chamber Technical information


  • Blow-moulded HDPE Tank
  • HDPE Pressure Chamber
  • MS Material
  • SS material
  • Cotton (Belt)
  • Rubber (Gasket)


Assembly and Usage Instructions for Adarsh Knapsack Hand Pump Sprayer 16 litres Plastic Tank and Pressure Chamber

  • Couple the delivery hose on discharge outlet with a gasket on nipple within wing nut.
  • Couple the extension rod with trigger cut-off, keeping gasket on joint and couple the NMD nozzle with lance.
  • Fix the handle on the axle as per your choice of direction (left/right).
  • Adarsh Knapsack HDPE Sprayer 16 litres is ready for use.
  • Fill the tank with well strained liquid.
  • Hang the sprayer on your shoulder. Fasten the shoulder straps, hook them at the bottom of the skirt.
  • Operate the pump with operating handle with one hand and spray lance with other hand.
  • After few strokes, the liquid will be sprayed as desired.
  • Hang the tank as high as possible for easy and continuous spraying operations.



Operate the pump sprayer with water for sometime and remove the nozzle after use. This shall rinse out sediments of pesticides from sprayer tank, nozzle and pipes.


Cautions & Features

  • Model: ANP-116 P.
  • Tank: HDPE (High-Density Polyurethane).
  • Tank capacity: 16 liters.
  • Pressure Chamber: HDPE (High-Density Polyurethane) inside the Tank.
  • Lance pipe: Brass spray lance 60 cm long with cone mist spray nozzle.
  • Normal working pressure: 3 bar (3 kg/cm2).
  • Weight: 5 kg approx.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Left / Right-hand operation.
  • Mechanical agitator attached with pump barrel automatically agitates the pesticide or fertilizer tank with every pump stroke.
  • Adarsh knapsack sprayer for agriculture has sturdy construction and easy operation.
  • The hand pump sprayer develops sufficient and continuous pressure for easy application of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Manually operated agriculture sprayer pump has 110 cm long delivery hose.