General Information: 

Adarsh Foot Sprayer Agriculture Spray Pump is a high quality and easy to use agricultural sprayer. This agriculture spray pump comes with a one-foot valve with a long suction hose with strainer for problem free farm spraying. Foot paddle is permanently installed and fixed with the frame of our agriculture spray machine. The foot sprayer works as a very efficient pesticide sprayer machine or fertilizer sprayer machine. The operator needs to push the foot paddle up-down for generating pressure. The sprayer pump will then push the pesticide or liquid fertilizer to spray from the Brass lance for effective crop spraying and also spraying easily on tall trees.

Type: Manual Agriculture Spray Pump


  • Multipurpose foot sprayer for both small and large scale pesticide spraying on field crops, orchards, Apple, Mango, Lemon and any tall trees.
  • Most versatile agriculture spray pump for all field crops.
  • Spray pesticides and fertilizers in large farms in short time with uniform and fast coverage.

Foot Sprayer Agriculture Spray Pump Technical Information


Adarsh Foot Sprayer Agriculture Spray Pump is made of high quality materials for efficient farming spray machine.

  • MS Material
  • SS material
  • Brass Material
  • PVC (Parts)
  • Cotton (Belt)
  • Rubber (Gasket and Pipes)

Cautions & Features:

  • Model: AFS-105.
  • Weight: 9 to 9.5 kg approx.
  • Adarsh Foot Sprayer is 90cm long lance with adjustable nozzle.
  • Our agriculture spray pump is built of sturdy construction and easy operation.
  • Our agricultural spray pump has 8 meters long delivery hose.
  • 2 meters long suction hose with a strainer.
  • The foot sprayer develops sufficient pressure to operate with two discharge lines with any length of hose.
  • The Adarsh Foot Sprayer Agriculture Spray Pump is suitable for spraying with High-Jet Spray Gun to spray on tall trees.