General Information: 

It is a cylindrical shaped packaging product to store liquid forms of products like petroleum products, industrial products, chemicals, acids, foods & beverages, edible products, pharmaceutical products, gases, etc.


  • All side welded barrel is used to packing high-value products, which can be in the form of highly hazardous chemicals/gases.
  • These barrels are specially used for extremely hazardous products to ensure no leakages.
  • Highly hazardous chemicals/gases.
  • Stores the products which developing vapor pressure.
  • R – 11 type Mafron Gases, etc.


  • Petroleum Industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Technical information



  • Outer Diameter is 585 +/- 0.3 mm.


  • Made of High-Quality Mild Steel (CRCA Steel Sheet).
  • The outside surface is painted from high-quality paint.
  • Inside Plain.

Pressure Rating:

  • Atmospheric.

Cautions & Features:

  • In these barrels, the Top & Bottom joints are welded after the seaming operations to provide additional safety to the barrel.
  • They are known for their durability.
  • The outer surface is painted with high-quality paints with advanced painting techniques.
  • A capacity to with high stand pressure developed filling of product.
  • High chemical resistance.