General Information: 

It is a cylindrical, rectangle-shaped product that is used for store liquid products, solid and semi-solid products, Oil and petroleum waste, etc.

These are dimensionally accurate, light in weight, and easy to handle and are appreciated amongst the clients for superior quality.

Type of Drum:

  • Full Open mouth.
  • Jerry Can.
  • Rocket Type.
  • Square Type.
  • Wide Mouth.


  • To store products in liquid form like Food & Beverage, Agro, pesticide, fertilizer, Dyestuff & intermediate, Textile chemicals, Dairy, animal, marine products, Paint & pigment, Water treatment chemicals, Oil & petroleum products, perfumes & fragrance, Mineral, electroplating chemicals, Semi-solid form Grease, Fruit Pulp, Concentrate, Cosmetics, Construction chemical, Binder & Adhesive, Dyes/ Colour Chemicals, Soaps and Detergents, Dyestuffs/Pigments & Inks, P.V.C. Compounds, Solid products, Pharma & bulk drugs, Metal coin, Metal Balls, Metal powder, Oil waste, etc.


  • Oil and Petroleum Industry.
  • Pharma Bulk Drugs Intermediate.
  • Agro Paste fertilizer Industry.
  • Dye Stuff and Intermediate Industry.
  • Textile chemical Industry.
  • Cosmetics, Perfume and Fragrance Industry.
  • Dairy Industry.

Technical information:


Volume:  Size varying 10,15,20,30,35,50,60 litres Capacity.  


  • Food-Grade Virgin HM HDPE Material.

Pressure Rating:

  • Atmospheric.

Cautions & Features:

  • Internationally accepted designs.
  • Excellent Stack-ability and drop impact strength.
  • 100% leakproof design.
  • Odorless, Non-toxic, and suitable for good/pharma packaging.
  • UN approved.
  • Made from food-grade virgin HM/HDPE raw materials.
  • Light Weight & Sturdy.
  • Simple closing/opening mechanism.
  • Repeatedly Usable.
  • Leakproof and high laminar strength.